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Wir zeigen euch, wie Ihr PaySafe, PSN Karte Kostenlos Bekommen könnt! PSN PSC Giveaway. PSN PaySafe Guthaben Kostenlos Giveaway Finde die neusten CD-Keys, Xbox live & PSN Erweiterungen zum niedrigsten Preis And though the fervor has cooled somewhat for Borderlands 2, Gearbox continues to dish out SHiFT Codes. This is absurd! It's akin to publishers giving out free microtransactions for followers on Twitter. While many codes have expired some continue to remain usable till now. Here're some SHiFT Codes you can use on Borderlands 2 in the year of our Lord 2020. Don't say I don't do you no. Look no further - we've got you covered with the latest list of Borderlands 2 Shift codes below. Borderlands 2 Shift Codes . Here's a list of active Borderlands 2 Shift codes. Keep in mind that Shift Codes may eventually expire. If you find any code that doesn't work as expected, please tell us in the comment so we can remove it. Thanks

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  1. New Borderlands 2 Shift codes for 2020. The most recent Shift Codes for Borderlands 2 Golden Keys are all currently expired. When we find some new temporary or permanent codes for 2020 we'll keep.
  2. SHiFT CODES 2020 Active Keys. W3KJB-H9CBW-XRBRW-JTBTJ-9JRXK [25 Golden Keys] WBK3T-BKW6T-TXTRK-JTTBT-C6BS5 [25 Golden Keys] C35TB-WS6ST-TXBRK-TTTJT-JJH6H [Salvador's Community Day Skin, 5 Golden Keys] 53KBB-KXXRC-RZ66Z-WFJBB-WSRZ3 [Zer0's Community Day Skin, 5 Golden Keys] 5B3BJ-XZWFW-T3KRZ-JBJTB-6WST9 [Maya's Community Day Skin, 5 Golden Keys
  3. In this guide you can find active Shift keys (code) of Borderlands 2 that still active in 2020. [2020] Shift Codes (Keys) Active Keys. W3KJB-H9CBW-XRBRW-JTBTJ-9JRXK [25 Golden Keys] WBK3T-BKW6T-TXTRK-JTTBT-C6BS5 [25 Golden Keys] C35TB-WS6ST-TXBRK-TTTJT-JJH6H [Salvador's Community Day Skin, 5 Golden Keys
  4. Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes PS4 2020. PC/ PC VR/ Mac: 53 WT3-X5T35- R6TX5-333 JJ-ZCRTZ. XB360/ XB1: 5353 T-CC5ZW-99 RRS-5FBTT-9SFT3. PS3/PS4/PS Vita/PSVR: KBW3J-ZKSZH-9J5HC-HB53 B-SRCFT. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel SHiFT Codes (Legitimate till April 13 th, 2020)- BRAND-NEW. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel SHiFT Codes PS4 2020
  5. Borderlands 2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Active SHiFT Codes For January 2021 - Everyone likes free stuff. Especially when that free stuff is free guns to kill a bunch of bad dudes in Borderlands
  6. Zu wenig Loot in Borderlands 2? Mit diesen Shift-Codes deckt ihr euch mit über 200 goldenen Schlüsseln für Loot sowie besonderen Skins ein
  7. Once signed up, you can enter your Borderlands 2 SHiFT codes onto the PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, which will unlock rewards such as skin customizations or other goodies -- including the.

June 2020 SHiFT Codes 5 Golden Keys [06/26] ALL PLATFORMS: 5TC3B-J56TZ-33R3S-JJ3JT-K6T93 [Expires 07/06] ALL PLATFORMS: CJCTJ-K56J9-JJ63S-33TJB-KRXHS [Expires 07/06] 5 Golden Keys [06/12] ALL PLATFORMS: CTWBT-Z3RJS-BBRJ9-3TJJJ-ZX3K5 [Expires 06/22] ALL PLATFORMS: CTWTB-X3XBH-TBXT9-B3JTJ-3JKZB [Expires 06/22] May 2020 SHiFT Codes 5 Golden Keys [05/29 All currently working Borderlands 2 shift codes (Golden Keys). Golden Key Codes. This is a more confusing part. There are tons of codes. There are ones that give you 1,3,5,10,20 or 25 keys. I'm not sure which code works or not, most of the 1 key codes are expired, some others too, but most of the 5 keys are working for sure. Just start copying the codes in, and find out. (Most of the codes. SHiFT codes. Enter one of the This can also be done in Borderlands 2. Fast travel to Sawtooth Cauldron. Go forward, and jump off the cliff to reach Sawtooth Stilts. Then, turn left, and go through Smoking Guano Grotto. You will eventually reach the Main Street Reservoir area. Continue until you are at the very edge of the map, on a beach overlooking the reservoir. Scattered around the. Golden Keys are special keys in Borderlands 2 that unlock a golden chest which gives you very powerful and rare items. Golden keys can be obtained by pre-ordering Borderlands 2, registering for a SHiFT account in Borderlands 2, redeeming SHiFT codes (which are released randomly), or ordering the GOTY edition from Steam [PS4] Free - 4 costumes for Ghost of Tsushima (e.g. God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn etc.) - PlayStation Store +38; 20/12/2020 - 00:52 [PC, PS4, XB1] Free - 10 Golden Keys For Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Shift +54; 19/12/2020 - 18:32; expired; 43 Free Golden Keys for Borderlands 2. 188 0. Go to Deal. donamique on 30/05/2020 - 16:42 shift.gearboxsoftware.com (2028 clicks) Last edited 30/05/2020.

Therefore, since we're super good around these parts we have actually got all the currently active Borderlands PS4 SHiFT codes and golden secrets below for Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition. In case you're not familiar with how SHiFT codes work, you need to ensure that you have an active 2K account connected to your PSN account. As soon as done, you just enter into the SHiFT code. Borderlands 2: Shift Codes for PC That Work in 2020. Players can find Borderlands 2 PC Shift Codes for cosmetics, class mods, and Golden Keys in this guide, and they all work right now

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Borderlands 2 Shift codes. 39K likes. Page for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. New shift codes will be added to this page weekly. Follow our twitter @freeshiftcodes. follow our.. Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes . Borderlands 2 is the first Gearbox game to support the SHiFT System. Codes are periodically published that generally grant Gold Keys which can be used to access chests in Sanctuary. Sometimes codes are publishes to even grant skins and heads during community events. The archive below is listed in reverse chronological order with the newest codes appearing first. You. Those who are still playing Borderlands: The Presequel can get their hands on five Golden Keys by using this code: WCC3B-HTRWX-RHJRT-BJJTB-3XB3W. This code will expire on December 14th. Players who are instead playing Borderlands 2 will be able get their hands on five Golden Keys by using the code: C3K3T-R3HBH-BTRJZ-33JTB-JT9F9 I had a commenter mention that the shift codes for Borderlands 2 didn't work for Playstation, so I thought I would make a video showing that they did work.Th..

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November 2020 SHiFT Codes 5 Golden Keys [11/13] All Platforms: WJC3T-K5XJC-K36J9-3T3T3-5FB3F (Expires: November 30) All Platforms: WJW33-3KRJK-CJ6B9-3JTT3-56HHJ (Expires: November 30) October 2020 SHiFT Codes 5 Golden Keys [10/23] All Platforms: KJKBJ-HB6BC-KJRTS-J3TJB-WFRKF [Expires: November 2] All Platforms: K3CJT-6BR3C-WJFJ9-JJTT3-JHSKZ [Expires: November 2 The Unofficial SHiFT Code Archive. SHiFT Codes unlock a whole bunch of free, awesome and exclusive loot in a variety of Gearbox Games like Borderlands and Battleborn! Our bot monitors popular accounts and updates this website and Twitter anytime a new code is found Codes valid for PlayStation can be applied to a SHiFT account on PS4. Codes valid for Xbox can be applied to a SHiFT account on Xbox One. For the class mod SHiFT codes, the items will appear in the backpack of, and be the same level as, the first character loaded after code redemption. If the character is above Level 51, ensure you are in Ultimate Vault Hunter mode to receive the item of the. SHiFT Codes for Borderlands 2. This SHiFT Code does not have a confirmed Expiration Date; This SHiFT Code was discovered by the Borderlands community Borderlands 3 Shift Codes (Expired) 2020! this code is actually 3 keys. Reply. Evident (Site Admin) March 13, 2020 at 4:56 pm. Fixed, thanks. Reply . G0ld3n k3-/ [email protected] February 5, 2020 at 6:12 pm. Hey, I tried all of these and they all worked! I was skeptical at first but now I really trust this website, thanks and are there any other codes yet? Reply. Gav. January 28, 2020 at.

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Borderlands 2 was launched in 2012 and since then Gearbox used to offer shift codes and users can avail these Borderlands 2 shift codes via Gearbox's social media account and game's forum. Indeed shift codes are the rewards to users from the developers to earn weapons, skins and other items to enjoy the game. If you love to play Borderlands 2 and looking for working Borderlands 2 shift. That's why the Borderlands 2 community pulled together to generate a list of over 88 still-active SHiFT Codes. Thanks to awesome Steam User iAm_ManCat for working with the community and testing.

This One is The Reuploaded one... But here it is again! Video Starts at 1:09 :)~All codes for PC~CJKBJ-3XWTF-HCJ6K-JJB3T-SB35XW3C33-H653X-9CTR5-3TBJ3-HZ99.. Borderlands 2: Community Day Heads And Skins Codes. Gearbox News and Articles. Gearbox News. jelmerjt (jelmerjt) August 1, 2019, 2:59pm #1. Gaige's Community Day head and skin and 5 Golden Keys: 5JWBB-9ZX9J-B636C-BBBBT-ZCWXF. Krieg's Community Day head and skin and 5 Golden Keys: WJ5TB-BJSZJ-TFB6W-JTJJJ-3Z3CB. Axton's Community Day head and skin and 5 Golden Keys: W353J-RR6RC-X96R9-C63J3.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel January 2020 SHIFT Codes Borderlands The Pre-Sequel isn't one of our favorite entries in the franchise just because everyone has the best accents. It's a genuinely fun romp, and you're going to recognize some familiar faces there who have shown up in Borderlands 3 to huge aplomb, like Aurelia Borderlands 2 Shift Codes - All New Codes for Xbox, Playstation and PC (Updated 04/16/19) The following codes were released this week via social media, box art and gameplay trailers

Borderlands 2 Shift codes. Gefällt 39.651 Mal · 8 Personen sprechen darüber. Page for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. New shift codes will.. 1.2 Shift Codes für Goldene Schlüssel auf PS4, Xbox One und PC Die wertvollen goldenen Truhen sind in Borderlands - The Pre-Sequel sehr begehrt. Shift Codes in The Pre-Sequel eingebe All of the Active September 2020 SHiFT Codes in Borderlands 3. There are currently six active SHiFT codes for September. ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H - This code will be redeemed for three Golden Keys. ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36 - This code will be redeemed for one Golden Key. 9XCBT-WBXFR-5TRWJ-JJJ33-TX53Z - This code will be redeemed for one Golden Key. HXKBT-XJ6FR-WBRKJ-J3TTB-RSBHR. Es ist jeder Borderlands 2 shift codes ps4 2019 direkt in unserem Partnershop im Lager verfügbar und somit direkt lieferbar. Während lokale Läden leider in den letzten Jahren ausnahmslos durch überteuerte Preise und mit vergleichsweise minderwertiger Qualität Schlagzeilen machen können, hat unser Team die Borderlands 2 shift codes ps4 2019 entsprechend des Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Borderlands 2 shift codes ps4 2019 - Alle Auswahl unter der Menge an analysierten Borderlands 2 shift codes ps4 2019! Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen hier bei uns. Wir als Seitenbetreiber haben uns der Mission angenommen, Produktpaletten verschiedenster Variante ausführlichst auf Herz und Nieren zu überprüfen, damit Sie zuhause auf einen Blick den Borderlands 2 shift codes ps4 2019 finden.

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Welcome in the Borderlands Shift Code Group! :) All Guys & Girls which play Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel are here welcome :) We give our best to post always the newest Shift Codes, for new Keys and other things like Skins :) Feel free to invite your friends which are playing Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the pre Sequel. You can post aswell in the Group under the comments if you're searching. Borderlands 2 Shift Codes. 436K likes. Borderlands 2 AND Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! Shift Codes Fan page and Support page for BL2 Shift Codes Mobile Ap Bonus Loot. Enable unique in-game items and perks. Redeem your SHiFT Codes Welcome to the complete Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Shift Codes list. This guide will stay up-to-date to help you find the newest valid-in-2019 Shift Codes for PC, PS4 & Xbox One. As you may expect, the majority of this page will act as a Borderlands 1, 2 & The Pre-Sequel Golden Key Codes list

June 2017 SHIFT Codes 5 Golden Keys [06/09] PC / Mac: CJ5BT-WS6C3-XXJX5-TBBBJ-KXF9B Xbox 360 or Xbox One: 5B5T3-J6TWK-ZSRF9-WRBBJ-C3S59 PlayStation3,.. Hotfixes für Borderlands 3: 19. November 2020 Eine vollständige Liste der Änderungen, die im neuesten Borderlands 3-Hotfix enthalten sind. Decke dich beim Mini-Event Golden Path mit legendären Objekten ein! Hol dir beim Mini-Event Golden Path, das vom 19. November bis 3. Dezember läuft, haufenweise legendäre Beute in Borderlands 3! Jetzt verfügbar! Next-Gen-Upgrade für Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 2 Shift codes. 39 K J'aime. Page for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. New shift codes will be added to this page weekly. Follow our twitter @freeshiftcodes. follow our.. Borderlands 3 Gets First January 2020 Shift Code for the Weekend. Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford releases his first Borderlands 3 shift code of 2020, which fans can redeem for three Golden Keys Borderlands 3: Alle SHiFT-Codes für die goldenen Schlüssel. Die folgenden SHiFT-Codes könnt ihr in Borderlands 3 benutzen. Ihr bekommt dafür goldene Schlüssel, allerdings nicht immer drei.

Borderlands 2 Shift Codes. 436,005 likes · 88 talking about this. Borderlands 2 AND Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! Shift Codes Fan page and Support page for BL2 Shift Codes Mobile Ap Borderlands - Shift-Code für 100 goldene Schlüssel (Steam und PS4) Tommyfare 4. eingestellt am 28. Mär 2019. C35TB-WS6ST-TXBRK-TTTJT-JJH6H Am 03.04. kommt dann ein (für die Käufer der Handsome-Collection kostenloses) 4 K Pack raus und ein Remaster von Borderlands 1. Ob das auch kostenlos für bisherige Käufer ist, weiß ich gerade nicht Share Tweet Teilen Teile per WhatsApp Teile per.

Borderlands 3: VIP- und Shift-Codes - Aktuelle Liste für goldene Schlüssel und Loot Christopher Bahner , 27. Apr. 2020, 13:15 Uhr 6 min Lesezeit Kommentare 2 Borderlands 3: Überraschungs-Events im April, Geschenke für alle & kostenloser Shift-Code In Borderlands 3 jede Menge Loot erhalten: Gearbox Software startet das Koop-Beutelieferung-Event Dieses System gab es bereits schon in Borderlands 2. Eingegeben werden die Codes direkt bei SHiFT und erscheinen danach im Spiel. Um von diesem Feature Gebrauch machen zu können, gehen Sie wie folgt vor: Melden Sie sich zuerst bei SHiFT an. Ausschließlich über einen Account bei der Community von Borderlands 3 ist die Aktivierung der Codes möglich. Anschließend müssen Sie Ihren Spiel.

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Man kann diesen SHiFT-Code hier auf Borderlands.com einlösen, auf der Gearbox-SHiFT-Seite oder über das Social-Menü in Borderlands 3, bevor er am 9. April 2020 um 08:59 Uhr MESZ abläuft. Borderlands 3 und SHiFT-Konto zum Einlösen erforderlich. Jeder Code kann nur 1 Mal pro SHiFT-Konto eingelöst werden. CTWJB-H5HSW-R96RS-5R3BB-H33K5. Vorgestellt [[ item.title ]] Hol dir News und Updates. Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Work Borderlands 2: KTKTT-ZSFWS-R3CHC-9BW33-3JW3H. Edit: Should have included this in the first place but in order to enter a code, be at the main menu > extras > Shift Code (sign up for an account if you dont have one) > hit Square to enter a code. Codes expires March 31st. Edit 2: Looks like these codes will never expir Here, we've compiled a list of all the Borderlands 3 SHIFT Codes that will only work during August 2020. We'll update this post with the limited-time SHIFT Codes each time we roll into a new.

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At PAX East 2020 Gearbox revealed its next Check out our full list of Borderlands 3 Shift codes, or watch our Borderlands story recap video to catch up on everything that's happened so far. Looking for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Golden Keys Shift Code, then here are some you can try out. Every week Gearbox Software provides some free SHIFT CODES for Golden Keys. You can use the codes to redeem the keys in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. So here are some of the latest Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Shift Codes you can try out in the game. I am going to share a few latest codes as well as. Use this SHiFT Code in Borderlands 3 to unlock Halloween-themed heads: K9W3T-BJZ59-B9SHB-6B3JT-T9CFFExpires: November 5 at 11:59 PM PDTNovember 6 at 2:59 AM EDTNovember 6 at 7:59 AM BST pic. Shift-Codes eingeben Es gibt mehrere Wege, Shift-Codes für Borderlands 3 einzugeben. Ihr könnt es zunächst direkt im Spiel versuchen. Ruft das Menü auf und gebt den 25-stelligen Code ein

Borderlands 2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Active SHiFT

Borderlands 2: Here's 90+ SHiFT Codes That Still Work In 2017 Kevin Thielenhaus / Features / Borderlands 2 , Gearbox , Gearbox Software , PC , PS3 , PS4 , Xbox 360 , Xbox One Borderlands Community Mod Manager. The tool to use with Borderlands 2 / TPS mods. Allows users to disable unwanted parts of the mods, merge mods into one file.Automatically handles the tedious process of manually merging the files, and prevents the broken mods resulting from master files.Has a lot of features that makes making your own mods easier Klassische Cheats gibt es für Borderlands 2 zwar nicht, dennoch können Sie mit zwei Tricks in das Spiel eingreifen und sich einen entscheidenden Vorteil verschaffen. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie die Cheats anwenden. Cheats für Borderlands 2 verwenden. In Borderlands 2 existieren eher Glitches und Bugs als offizielle Cheats. Leider wurden viele davon bereits durch Patches aus dem Spiel genommen. 13 bekannte Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc im Angebot 11/2020 Das sagen Käufer! [PS4] 15,00€ 2: Borderlands 3 Standard Edition - [PS4] 15,00€ 3: Borderlands 3 Standard Edition - [PS4] 15,00€ Erlebnisse sonstiger Anwender von Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc. In der Regel überwiegen die Reporte von Konsumenten, die den Artikel uneingeschränkt für gut befinden. Abgesehen.

Diese kostenlosen Shift Codes für Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc - Die hochwertigsten Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc im Überblick Auf welche Punkte Sie zuhause beim Kauf Ihres Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc achten sollten Unser Team an Produkttestern hat verschiedenste Marken getestet und wir zeigen Ihnen als Leser hier die Resultate Auf welche Kauffaktoren Sie zuhause bei der Wahl Ihres Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc Aufmerksamkeit richten sollten! Wir als Seitenbetreiber begrüßen Sie zuhause hier bei uns. Unsere Mitarbeiter haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, Produkte jeder Variante ausführlichst auf Herz und Nieren zu überprüfen, dass Kunden unkompliziert den Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc ausfindig machen. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - Ultra-HD-Update mit Grafik-Boost Gearbox Software spendiert der Shooter-Sammlung Borderlands: The Handsome Collection ein ordentliches Grafik-Upgrade. Zu.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Mega Guide: Shift Codes

Sämtliche der im Folgenden getesteten Borderlands 2 shift codes pc sind 24 Stunden am Tag in unserem Partnershop verfügbar und dank der schnellen Lieferzeiten in weniger als 2 Tagen bei Ihnen zu Hause. Unsere Redaktion wünscht Ihnen nun eine Menge Erfolg mit Ihrem Borderlands 2 shift codes pc! In dieser Rangliste finden Sie als Kunde die absolute Top-Auswahl von Borderlands 2 shift codes pc. Welche Punkte es beim Kauf Ihres Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc zu beachten gibt. Herzlich Willkommen zu unserem Test. Unsere Mitarbeiter haben uns der Aufgabe angenommen, Produktpaletten jeder Variante unter die Lupe zu nehmen, sodass Kunden ohne Probleme den Borderlands 2 all shift codes pc sich aneignen können, den Sie für ideal befinden

Borderlands 2 Shift Codes Discord | Boypoe

Gearbox feiert zehn Jahre Borderlands und hat dafür mehrere besondere Events in Borderlands 3 geplant. Ihr bekommt mehr legendäre Beute Borderlands 2 shift codes ps4 2019 - Der Vergleichssieger unserer Redaktion. Erfahrungsberichte zu Borderlands 2 shift codes ps4 2019 analysiert. Es ist sehr ratsam sich darüber zu informieren, ob es weitere Erfahrungen mit dem Produkt gibt. Die Erfolge zufriedener Betroffener liefern ein gutes Bild bezüglich der Wirksamkeit ab. Um uns eine Vorstellung von Borderlands 2 shift codes ps4 2019.

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes - Home | FacebookBorderlands 2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Active SHiFTBorderlands 2 Cheat Table 2020 | All About Image HDMaid of Sker Gets A New Gameplay Trailer For PS4Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - PlayStation UniverseBoundless MMO Gets PC and PS4 Cross Play - Release Date
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